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Morgan Steel & Metal Works specializes in the fabrication and installation of high quality steel and miscellaneous metal products. We provide Structural, Architectural, Ornamental and Miscellaneous Metal Works design, fabrication and installation.

We provide interior and exterior treatments: blackening, powder coating, galvanizing, stainless steel, aluminum. 

Whether you're a small residential contractor in need of beams, saddles, etc; a General Contractor with an entire building remodel, addition or retrofit; or anyone else in need of steel or miscellaneous metal fabrication and installation services, we can do it! 

Miscellaneous Metals

-Elevator Support Steel
-Trash Enclosures
-Site Railings
-Mechanical Enclosures
-Access Ladders
-ADA Compliance Modifications


- Wall Panels
-Corner Guards
-Wall Caps
-Counter Tops
-Ceiling Tiles
-Stair Closures
-Custom Cut Signage
-& More

Architecturally Exposed Structural Steel

- Building Structures
- Columns


-Fabricated Truss Systems
-& More

Furniture & Fixtures

- Table bases
- End Tables

- Table Tops
- Kitchen + Coffee Tables
- Desks

- Light Fixtures

- Freezers

-  Shelving

- Chairs

- Stools

- Benches

- And Custom Designs

Call or e-mail to find out more information about our services

Miscellaneous Metals

Fabrication and Install of metal trash enclosure. 

Architecturally Exposed Structural Steel

Fabrication & Install of steel stair beams for repair and reinforcement of existing structure. 

Furniture & Fixtures

Fabrication and Install of metal backsplash

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